You are out of order

The Bible says that a good man’s steps are ordered by God. When I recalled that scripture lately, the Holy Spirit gave me a new revelation of it. God has literally ordered our steps. There is no set order to the things that God does in our lives individually. Some people may start a business at 18 and not get married until they are 37. Some people may have a child at 19 and not graduate college until they are 40. Your ministry may not start until you are 50. Whatever the case is, your steps are ordered by God. I feel at times, I may have discounted a particular season in my life because I felt like it didn’t happen in the correct timing. My vlog, “A day in the life of a late bloomer”, speaks to this as well.

A personal experience of mine is my marriage. My husband and I were not friends first. When he saw me, he immediately knew I was his wife. He literally swept me off my feet with the intentions of marrying me from the very start. Because of this, we didn’t really have time to develop a friendship. Although we loved each other, we were not friends first. Hearing so much marriage advice saying you have to be friends first, discouraged me. I felt like there was little hope in having the right type of marriage. A marriage based on friendship. It took a year of separation to actually help us forge a strong friendship. Now, I can honestly say we are friends. But what would have happened if I focused on the order of how things happened with him and I?

We have our own walks with God. We have our own lives and callings and they cannot be compared to anyone elses. Furthermore, the times we are in right now are calling for divine expediting. Meaning, things are happening quickly. God is opening up the floodgates for those who have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying. What has God called you to do and you feel like it’s too soon for you to step out? What has God called you to do that you feel like you are too late to try again? I have found in my own life when I have had to repeat something, I become discouraged and feel like it wasn’t meant for me. I start to lose heart and confidence in it. But God has use for every “try”. There is no failure in Him even when we fall short. Move out on faith, walk in obedience, and I guarantee God will do the rest.

Trying to understand or place logic on the timing of God will never work. His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways. His ways confound the wisest of men. Saints, pray. Don’t put God in a box. The earth is being shaken and new is springing forth every where. Let God order your steps and walk in the path that He has set for you.

Until next time, be big, be balanced, be blessed.


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