Powered by God

Last night I was helping a friend figure out which web hosting company she wants to use to create her new business website. Which company would her website be powered by? We were talking and she was telling me that embarking on this new journey was scary. I told her I could relate as I’m in a similar situation. I just launched a beauty supply store. It’s still in the infancy stage, but making the announcement that I was “officially a CEO” shook me a little. To be honest, I fight anxiety about it just as often as I experience excitement about it. With every congratulations, I resist the urge to think...I hope I don’t let them down.

At first, I was speaking to her while in the kitchen. A kitchen that my husband had squeaky clean. Then I went upstairs to my office and continued to talk to her while working on my own business stuff, tying up some loose ends. My husband tended to the kids during this time. When we got off the phone, I put my son to bed and kissed my girls goodnight. When my husband and I went to bed, I thanked him for everything he did that day and let him know I appreciated him. Then I had a thought, “How was I getting all of this done before!?” The Holy Spirit immediately answered and said, “me”. Simple enough!

My husband just returned home after him and I had been separated for a year due to his military obligations. It was me and the kids. We have an amazing support system yes, but ultimately during that time, things felt really single mom-ish. Through every hard thing, through every situation I felt like I could not handle, the Holy spirit gave me power to overcome and He always will. I am powered by God! Once the Holy Spirit spoke to me, I began to speak life to myself. My business will boom! Everything I touch is blessed! I am powered by God!

That new thing you are embarking on may seem too big for you and that’s great. Too big for you means that you need God. And when God is with you, it’s more than the world against you. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you.

He is for you! He is behind you to push you. He is before you making the path clear! He is surrounding you, protecting you from the attack of the enemy. He is for you! Be encouraged friends, it’s not by might nor by power but by God’s spirit that you will experience success in every area of your life. Until next time, be big, be balanced, be blessed.


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