Lost and Found

Do y’all remember the lost and found in elementary school? You know where you went to frantically look for that new coat your mama told you not to lose! Yep, that one! You lost your coat, went to the lost and found...sometimes you found it, sometimes you didn’t. But if you did find it, you had more joy than the day you were given the coat. It’s just something about finding something you thought you lost that does something to you.

Similar to this, there are lost and found moments in life. Life happened and caused some of us have thought our hope was lost, our dreams were lost, our chance at love was lost, whatever; but, the good news is that, in God, nothing is lost. The Bible says seek and you shall find, right? Often we have heard this scripture quoted like, seeking an answer or seeking a thing. However, very rarely have I heard the scripture presented in this way...look for the thing you lost, and you will find it.

Where will I look you say!? I’m glad you asked. All that was lost, can be found in God. He is our source. For a long time, I thought I lost myself. I had to go back to the creator of all and find myself.

When I ran back to Him, He helped me (and is still helping me) put the pieces of me back together. Looking to Him has made me realize that where I may have lost hope, I find that hope in Him.

Where I may have lost joy, I find that joy in Him. You may have to dig through some things. You may have to retrace your steps. But, there is so much peace in knowing there is nothing meant for you that you can ever really lose. Just look to God friends, you will find what you think you lost. And if it’s you that are lost, He will find you.

Until next time, be big, be balanced, be blessed.


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