I have decided to follow Jesus

If you're churchy like me, you are probably singing the song in your head! LOL! Anywho, I just wanted do a quick little something to let you guys know that times are changing. I can feel it. Maybe you can too. Like the air is different. Things that you think you know to be true will be challenged and it might cause you question things even more. In addition to that, there have been so many great men and women to pass away this year. It has left some people feeling lost because they admired and looked up to those individuals so much. That can be a very hard thing to recover from. But God heals and He is still sovereign. He is still in control and still able.

Switching lanes a little...I’m the type of person who learns by example. I feel that things will go a lot better if someone shows me and then I do it myself. I don’t care for reading to learn or listening to learn. It’s the action for me! 😂 Anyways in doing so, I can feel a little unsure of myself if I feel that it’s something I have to do on my own. Either nobody wants to show me for whatever reason or they don’t know either. Them not wanting to...it hurts. I try my best to help everyone who asks me. If it’s sharing information, I share. If I have the time, I will give it. But everyone isn’t like that and for me, I wish that was different. But God always reminds me in one way or another, it is Him I am to follow.

Anybody that God has allowed you to experience, that you might look up to or admire, is subject to fall or do something causing you to feel that they failed you or dropped you. They are human. So are you. But to be so invested in any person to where you are devastated by their humanity, is dangerous. We are to be followers of Christ. Not followers of an influencer, followers of the best person in your field, nor followers of our mentors. Followers of Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. Follow Him and you will have truth. Follow Him and ways will be made. Follow Him and you will have life and life more abundantly. Follow Jesus. It’s the only way.

We do need people. But the saying “follow me, as I follow Christ” exists for a reason. Follow me in the things I do that reflect Christ. Follow me in exhibiting Christ like characteristics. Anything else, no. But you have to know the difference. You have to know God enough for yourself so that you can discern what is what.

I have decided to follow Jesus and I pray you will too. Until next time, be big, be balanced, be blessed.


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