2020 IS WEIRD!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Scrolling down my Facebook timeline, I saw so many people saying that 2020 is and has been weird. I had been using the same word to describe the current season that I am in. This trend caused me to look up the definition of weird. One definition is, “suggesting something supernatural”. The funny thing about that is, I rarely hear any one attributing the happenings of 2020 to God. However y’all, God has allowed all of this to happen. We may not have an understanding of why He’s allowed these things, but He certainly has not lost control.

I want this blog to serve as encouragement for someone who feels that 2020 has been nothing but one trial after another. We have all had seasons in our lives where we felt that way. I think one difference is, because of the pandemic, many people are going through the same trials at the SAME TIME. Crazy, I know. But know this, there is nothing that catches God by surprise. There is a purpose and 2020 has not cancelled out any promises that God has made to you. They are still yes and amen. Sometimes the “supernatural” doesn’t feel so super. Every valley is followed by a mountain. Rest assured if you are going THROUGH a valley, the mountain top is coming soon.

Personally, I have experienced drastic changes in my mood and my perspective of things. As a person who loves consistency, clarity, and schedules, 2020 has disturbed my moods more than anything else. It cancelled some of my routine and forced me into a new way. Once I realized what was happening, I had to ask God to help me. I knew that there was no turning back but I was still unsure of how to continue to move forward. Right now, all I can do is take life one day at a time. All of this is NEW. Even now, the phrase “be careful what you pray for” comes to mind. We have all asked for God to do a new thing in us and for us. What if this is the new thing that we have all been praying for!?

Do not be so quick to curse something because you don’t realize that it’s God. Maybe it was time for you to switch careers or start the business. Maybe it was time for that relationship to end. Maybe you needed to be isolated for a little while to hear God clearly. Keep the faith and do not waiver. Although so many things are changing and have changed, God remains the same and He always will. He is faithful. Rest in His consistency when the inconsistencies of this world can sometimes weigh you down. I believe that this will all work for our good! Until next time, be big, be balanced, be blessed.


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