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"I am Janelle Cato, here to inspire the modern day woman in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finance, and more. 


As a Christian blogger, vlogger, and a believer in Jesus Christ, I am here to give practical tips on how to live depending on God, growing, learning, and healing.


My faith keeps me grounded and in hard times it allows me to maintain my hope that greater is on the way. "



" I love my family! I am married to the world's greatest husband, and mom to three beautiful kids. I enjoy having family gatherings where we can get together to sing, play games, laugh and joke.

Bringing people together with a good spread of food and especially desserts, is always a plus. Food always makes everything better. "

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" I feel the fashion industry is missing the everyday girl.  In fashion, a lot of times, the looks appear unobtainable.  Either for your body type, or your budget.  I can show women how to embrace and pull off any look through their own self-confidence."

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"  I fell in love with art a very young age. At the age of 5, I began training to be a classic pianist. For over 11 years, I cultivated not only my love for music, but singing, theatre, and art.


Now, I do not have much artistic ability but I love abstract art work.  I have dabbled in drawing and sculpting but that is the extent."

My strongest ability is singing, songwriting, and acting. I find freedom in it. Art is my creative expression that I get to share with the world."



" These are my words of affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your best self. It's more than words that I say when I sign off on my vlogs, but they're literally my life's fundamentals that I hope to share with you. 

In my faith, with my family and friends, fine-arts, fashion, my everyday life, I get to choose to be big and stand tall in every situation. My life is extremely busy, but balance is how I manage to be such a great multitasker and get things done.


At the end of the day, I'm blessed. Blessed to serve a God that loves me more than anything. Blessed to have family and friends, and much more. "



A day in the life of is a Christian vlog that give practical tips on how to live depending on God, growing, learning, and healing.



  As a Christian blogger, I will be discussing and sharing pertinent life issues while giving biblical advice. You will learn how to overcome challenges and adversities, find balance, and much more.

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